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Supercharge Your Training With The Microlearning Experts

We create short, fun, bite-sized microlearning videos for the modern employee - perfect for mobile, tablet and desktop.


Meet Mind Channel for Business

We create short, fun and accessible training videos and courses to grow and develop your employees. 

Convenient, bite-sized learning

Encourage employee engagement with microlearning that easily fits into the tightest of schedules.


  • Bite-sized videos and courses which allow employees to learn a new skill in 4 minutes or less - perfect for a coffee break or daily commute.

  • No-fluff content delivered in short bursts that’s easy to digest and proven to increase engagement by 50%.


  • Each course focusses on 1-2 key objectives to prevent information overload and boost learning transfer by 17%.

Off-the-shelf and bespoke 

We love to create beautiful and engaging bespoke microlearning modules for companies just like yours. Or you can use our extensive library of ready-created microlearning modules available on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

We can develop modules in under a month and for a price which won't blow your budget. Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation.

Fun to watch. Hard to forget

Upgrade formal, corporate E-learning and training with snappy, media-rich content that resembles what your employees love to see on social media.


  • Well-placed humour to capture their attention and keep them engaged. (We do love a good pun or two.)

  • Fun animated videos and short face to camera videos from experts for dramatically improved engagement and retention.


See for yourself

Our content is short, to the point, and rather funny! (Or at least we think so.) See for yourself below.


Large and ever-growing library

Well-developed employees perform better. With our off-the-shelf solution we offer a wide range of topics developed by world-renowned experts in the areas your employees need the most.

Our library covers career development, personal development, compliance, diversity and inclusion, leadership, job readiness, project management, Excel, IT skills, Python programming, Tableau, sales, mindfulness, digital transformation and more!

Employee training made easy

We promise to keep things simple and convenient for both you and your employees.

Easy integration

Have your own LMS or video platform? We’ll send you our content for quick integration. If you don’t have a platform, you can use ours.

Monthly reports

Want to keep track of their progress? You can get detailed reports on employee usage and engagement sent directly to your email every month.

Personalised support

Have a question? Ask our dedicated support team whenever you need help (or just want to say hello). They’re very friendly and quick to respond too.

94% of L&D professionals prefer bite-sized learning


Boost your employee development with the unbeatable convenience of Mind Channel. Get in touch to learn the best pricing and features for your business.

We respond within 24 hours.

Fast and flexible set-up

Whether or not you have your own Learning Management System (LMS) or

video platform, we can help you get on board within a day.

Use your own platform

If you have a LMS or video platform, we’ll work with your team to upload our content to it in no time. This way you can keep all your training materials in one tidy place.

Use Mind Channel’s platform

No platform? No problem. We’ll add your employees to our own video and mobile platform. What’s ours is yours.

Take your training from mind-numbing to Mind Channel


Join thousands of customers. Set up a quick chat with our friendly team and bring your employees closer to modern, effective training.

We respond within 24 hours.


Why should I choose Mind Channel?


Good question. Aside from the enormous benefits of our innovative approach to workplace development, our team is made of L&D experts who want your employees to thrive just as much as you do.  In fact, our founders (Claudia and Darrell) are digital learning experts with over 15 years experience in helping fortune 500 companies develop their employees in a way that’s fun, effective, and fits their busy lives. We’ve seen the way the wider world is changing and our mission is to bring employee training into the modern age. We’d be thrilled to do this for you

Can anyone really learn new skills in 4 minutes or less?


Glad you asked. Turns out the human brain isn’t wired to stay focussed for hours on end. A BBC study found that learning in stretches of 3 - 7 minutes matches the attention span and working memory of the average person. This means your easily distracted employees will likely learn more by watching one of our 4-minute videos than sitting through a 4-hr lecture

How does pricing work?


We believe in fair pricing. Our bespoke work is priced depending on the length of module and style of animation. For our off-the-shelf library, we hand you an annual license where the cost is based on how many employees will be training with our videos. 

How long does it take to create a microlearning module?

We can create bespoke microlearning modules in under a month, if you need more than 1 module we can deliver those in under a month too!


Contact us

Have a quick chat with our friendly team to find out how Mind Channel can supercharge your employee training. Fill out the short form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours,


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