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Supercharge Your Training With The Microlearning Experts

We create short, fun, bite-sized microlearning  for the modern employee. Our content is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.


Meet Mind Channel for Business

We create short, fun and accessible training videos and courses to grow and develop your employees. 

Convenient, bite-sized learning

Encourage employee engagement with microlearning that easily fits into the tightest of schedules.


  • Bite-sized videos and courses which allow employees to learn a new skill in 4 minutes or less - perfect for a coffee break or daily commute.

  • No-fluff content delivered in short bursts that’s easy to digest and proven to increase engagement by 50%.


  • Each course focusses on 1-2 key objectives to prevent information overload and boost learning transfer by 17%.

Multiple Languages

Our content is available in four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish - to meet the demand of today's global employees.

  • Each language version is fully localised and tested in local markets - ensuring that whichever language you're viewing our content in, you get the same rich, humorous and enlightening experience.

  • Our library will be available in German in Q1 2020.


See for yourself

Our content is short, to the point, and rather funny! (Or at least we think so.) See for yourself below with a sample of our English, French, Portuguese and Spanish microlearning.


Large and ever-growing library

Well-developed employees perform better. With our off-the-shelf solution we offer a wide range of topics developed by world-renowned experts in the areas your employees need the most.

Our library covers career development, personal development, compliance, diversity and inclusion, leadership, job readiness, project management, Excel, IT skills, Python programming, lean six sigma, sales, mindfulness, digital transformation, remote working and more!


We believe in fair pricing; we'll hand you an annual license to our entire library in one or multiple languages based on how many users you need.

The more licenses you buy, the bigger discount you get. 

Based on 1000 users in a single language.

Additional users increase discount.


/Per User/Per month


Contact us

Have a quick chat with our friendly team to find out how Mind Channel can supercharge your employee training. Fill out the short form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours,


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